At the end of the 19th century, and the beginning of the 20th, a need arose in hundreds of Japanese to leave their place of birth and find a new home.

A ship called the Sakura Maru left Yokohama carrying Japanese families to their new lives in a distant land.



On the 3rd of April 1899, a group of 790 Japanese arrived in the port city of Callao.

It was the first of several waves of emigrants from the land of the rising sun, to set their roots in Peru.

What followed was a natural intermingling of cultures to produce new practices, traditions, and styles of living.

Our name is drawn from clay food pots in Peruvian fires. These pots would go on to host the intertwining of two cultures’ cuisines, eventually resting on the shared term of “Nikkei”.

Although over one hundred years old, Nikkei is still unfamiliar to many.

It is our privilege and responsibility to bring you its exciting and distinct flavours. And the journey forever continues, as the interpretations and iterations of the Nikkei cuisine grow and evolve into the delicacies and unique tastes and flavours developed at CLAY.

Always explore, and one will always discover.