Explore the exciting cuisine of Nikkei within a world of select ingredients and captivating drinks.

Everything carefully curated for the most rewarding of explorations prior to the most memorable of discoveries.

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Omakase Dining Experience

Choose between an eight- or twelve-course menu

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Discover quintessential Nikkei dishes and refreshments in explorative, extravagant interiors with spectacular views.

Welcome to the CLAY Omakase Dining Experience – An eight-seater, intimate chef’s table at the kitchen counter. Observe the skilled, thoughtful preparation of every dish by Chef Jolbi with an open kitchen. Listen as Chef tells tales of the dishes and ingredients at play. Discover rich flavours from the combination of two vastly different cultures.

Take a journey on a unique culinary experience.

Explore a variety of distinctive flavours such as the Black Cod Shishito and Gold Leaf O-Toro seasoned with Truffle and Caviar. Following that discover Hokkaido Scallops with Huacatay Sauce and Salsa to enliven the taste buds. End on a sweet note with the Lucuma Lava made up of Quinoa Crumble topped with Cinnamon Ice Cream and Manchego cream.