The Ash Lounge

After the fire has fragranced the air, a settled comfort sets in and the bar calls.

Journey to the innermost part of CLAY and discover the Ash Lounge. An area to entertain in taste, and in sound. Guest DJs and instrumentalists hold the sonic field between playlists curated by our experienced and skilled resident DJ Consoul.

CLAY Sounds

The bar always ripe with wondrous experiences, plays host to the most magnificent of alchemic practices, with guest bartenders and CLAY’s very own concocting drinks to explore and get lost in.

Ash Lounge

A more casual dining area which is intimate and trendy with lower tables. Home to the Ash Bar featuring hand-painted, Japanese-inspired murals, and host to our wide array of live entertainment and DJs.

Ash Terrace

An extension of the Ash Lounge, its cozy, intimate seating areas boast stunning views of the Dubai Marina and its iconic skyline.

Upcoming explorations

Celebrating in the night’s embers.

Instrumentalists improvise and impress alongside skilled DJs and various entertainers, all with the purpose of moving minds and bodies with the fullest of frequencies.

CLAY Sounds